The Ultimate Guide to 1xBet Withdraw

Cashing out your earnings is the ultimate goal when gambling online, and 1xBet is no exception. But with multiple withdrawal options and processing times, navigating the withdrawal process on this platform can be challenging. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to 1xBet withdrawals, including the available payment methods, fees, and processing times. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a beginner, this guide will help you easily get your money out.

What is Instant 1xbet Withdraw?

By withdrawal, we mean that it is withdrawn when a player brings money from his ID to his mobile banking system or through banking in his currency. There are two types of withdrawals.

  1. 1xbet Mobile Apss Withdraw
  2. 1xbet Agent Withdraw

1xbet Mobile Apss Withdraw

1xBet offers popular mobile banking options for Bangladeshi customers, such as bKash, Rocket, and Nagad, for withdrawals. Select your preferred mobile banking option to withdraw funds, enter the required information, and wait for approval. Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your mobile wallet. However, processing times and fees may vary depending on your mobile banking service provider. It’s important to check with your provider for specific details.


  • Convenience: Mobile banking allows you to withdraw your funds from anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection.
  • Speed: Withdrawals through mobile banking are often processed faster than traditional methods, so you can access your funds sooner.
  • Security: 1xBet’s mobile banking platform is typically secure and encrypted, protecting your personal and financial information.


  • Limited options: Not all mobile banking methods may be available in your country, limiting your withdrawal options.
  • Fees: Some mobile banking methods may charge withdrawal fees, affecting your winnings.
  • Technical difficulties: Mobile banking may be subject to technical issues such as server downtime, which could delay or disrupt the withdrawal process.

1xbet Agent Withdraw

1xBet’s agent withdrawal option allows customers to request withdrawals through their agents, who will then process the request on their behalf. Some advantages of using the agent withdrawal option include:

The agent banking system is that you withdraw the money you have earned in your currency in your banking system as an official agent managed by a 1xbet agency. This is called agent banking. And this must be an authorized agent of 1xbet.

  1. Convenience: Customers who use agents to place bets may find it more convenient to use the same agents for withdrawals, as the agents can handle the entire process on their behalf.
  2. Lower fees: Agents may charge lower fees for withdrawals than the payment methods available on the 1xBet platform, which can help customers save money.
  3. Faster processing times: Since the agents handle the withdrawal process, it may be faster than withdrawing through other payment methods available on the 1xBet platform.
  4. Increased privacy: Customers who value privacy may prefer using agents for withdrawals, which can help keep their financial information more secure.

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Why Take 1xbet withdraw from us?


  • You can withdraw at any time.
  • There is no need to delay getting your desired money.
  • You can withdraw money to any of your banking systems.
  • And it will take only 2-5 minutes to make this possible.
  • You can remove any amount.
  • There is no risk here.
  • And the chat facility with the personal manager in the agent banking system.

So I think that Agent Withdraw is more convenient for you. And the most important thing is that we are the only official agent of 1xbet.

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How does the 1xBet withdrawal program work?

First, when you enter our site, 1xbetbd.Shop, and you will see an option called 1xbet withdraw Instant from the menu bar. After clicking here, you will see a link to a WhatsApp number. This is our official number. After knocking, a manager will call you. He will answer your message. Then you tell him how much withdrawal you need; the manager will give you an agent withdrawal address through message when you deposit your money at this address. Then the manager will confirm and provide the funds to your mobile banking system; you will get the cash in your mobile banking system within 2-5 minutes.

To Withdraw Your Balance, Join Our Whatsapp Chat

Is this safe?

Answer Yes, of course, safe because we are the official agent of 1xBet. We are not a sub-agent. And we give the withdrawal in the shortest time. And we do our transactions only from our website and our Facebook page. We are not responsible if you are cheated by doing other transactions.

Why do you only take deposits from us?

  • Because we are 1xbet official agent.
  • Fastest transaction facility.
  • Facility to transact through any banking.
  • 24/7 convenience of dealing with us.
  • There is a 24/7 customer support team.
  • The most secure transaction is guaranteed.
  • By transacting with us, you are entitled to become a premium member.
  • We are also getting access to our official Telegram channel

Take a deposit now; why delay?

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